School of Film, Dance and Theatre

Welcome to the School of Film, Dance and Theatre. We are a collaborative community of artists and scholars comprising students, faculty and staff.

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And you’ll find an inventive theatre school with a comprehensive view of acting, design and production; a cutting-edge film school with an abundance of production opportunities; and a dance school that inspires originality and demands dedication.

Areas of study

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We offer classes that are open to all ASU students. Check out our available courses and add creativity to your college experience.
Several courses fulfill CS, HU or L general studies designations and awareness area requirements for C, G or H.


April 25, 2018

Nelson Fine Arts Center Plaza
female student with short dark hair looking at the viewings screen of a film camera

April 27, 2018

Paul V. Galvin Playhouse, Tempe campus


Each year students, faculty, staff and visiting artists in the School of Film, Dance and Theatre...
From the Phoenix Symphony to Arizona Opera, local arts organizations offer musical theater...
Art isn’t always about entertaining the masses and making people feel good — it can also be used...