Dance and Movement Studios

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The School of Film, Dance and Theatre operates nine studios for dance and movement, outfitted with high end dance floors, sound systems, and projection. These studios are located in four separate buildings: 

Nelson Fine Arts Center (FAC)

  • FAC28 Dance Studio: 35' x 45', marley dance floor, sound
  • FAC122 Dance Laboratory: 54' x 100', marley dance floor, suspension lighting grid, projector, sound
  • FAC231 Movement Studio: 26' x 38', marley dance floor, 55" LCD screen, sound

Physical Education Building East (PEBE)

  • PEBE190 Dance Studio: 42' x 55', marley dance floor, sound
  • PEBE192 Dance Studio: 44' x 56', hardwood dance floor, sound
  • PEBE132 Margaret Gisolo Dance Theatre: 45' x 38' (dance floor only), marley dance floor, lighting grid, projector, sound

Physical Education Building West (PEBW)

  • PEBW239 Dance Studio: 32' x 52', marley dance floor, sound
  • PEBW240 Dance Studio: 30' x 48', marley dance floor, sound

ASU Performing and Media Arts Center (APMA)

  • APMA132 Dance Studio: 32' x 48', hardwood dance floor, sound