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Master of Fine Arts in Dance - admission requirements

1. Apply to Graduate education

You must meet all admission requirements of Graduate Education.

Applicants whose native language is not English (regardless of where they may now reside) must provide proof of English proficiency.

2. School of Film, Dance and Theatre requirements

The School of Film, Dance and Theatre requires that the following additional application materials for the MFA in Dance program be attached to your Graduate Admissions Application:

  • Personal statement that articulates why you are interested in pursuing a MFA in Dance from Arizona State University and what goals you have for graduate school. Also address why you feel you are a good fit for the program, what you might contribute to community, and what experiences in dance and life have prepared you to be successful as an ASU MFA Dance candidate.  
  • Please include URLs to examples of recent work, including one solo piece and one group piece, and other relevant creative work
  • Résumé or C.V.
  • 3 letters of recommendation from professionals in the dance field


Application deadline

The deadline to apply for the MFA in Dance is Feb. 15, 2020. All materials must be submitted by this date.

A SKYPE interview may be arranged by contacting Becky Dyer at becky.dyer@asu.edu. The deadline to be interviewed digitally is March 1, 2020.


Applying to the MFA in Dance (Interdisciplinary Digital Media and Performance) concentration?

Visit the MFA in Dance (Interdisciplinary Digital Media and Performance) concentration page for additional application information and requirements.



Individual presentations – each applicant should be prepared to show a solo presentation of movement with which they have a special affinity or relationship (maximum 5 minutes). This can be anything from a short piece of choreography, an example of a particular movement form, a self-devised sequence, a structured improvisation, or anything which the applicant feels best conveys his or her relationship to movement. The applicant should be prepared to discuss their solo presentation and its relationship to his or her interests and experience in dance.

Teaching Demonstrations – each applicant will teach/facilitate a 7-10 minute movement experience. This can be any form the applicant has expertise in and is interested in furthering while at ASU. The applicant should be prepared to articulate the main objective of the learning experience and the key concepts addressed. 

Interview – each applicant will be interviewed for 20 minutes by an individual member of the faculty panel about their motivations to apply, their intentions with and relationship to dance, their long term aspirations, and their sense of what they can contribute to the program.