School of Film, Dance and Theater – Community Briefing

Dear Members of the School of Film, Dance and Theater Community,

We are all in this together. Although the way we are learning and working may have shifted, the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts is here to support you and remain open remotely.

We are writing to share updates concerning our current plan for the semester. We are very moved and inspired to see the incredible generosity of spirit everyone is bringing to making the needed pivots during this time. Know how much we deeply appreciate the extraordinary efforts students, staff and faculty are doing to transition to new ways of working and remaining connected as a community via on-line, digital platforms, and voice calls.

All of our classes have moved to digital delivery. If you have questions about any given class, please contact your instructor(s). If you are having issues with access due to lack of technology, internet access, or other changing circumstances, please contact your instructors. Our primary goal is the continuation of classes and the commitment to high-quality delivery of learning, so that all students can progress toward their academic goals uninterrupted.

ASU’s campus remains open. We have many students who cannot go home and remain on campus in the dorms. ASU, The Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, and The School of Film, Dance and Theatre are here to support our community. SoFDT buildings remain open and accessible using ISAAC card access. Currently, all of our labs, rehearsal studios, and shops are closed. We are working to have one computer lab – DGH 258 – remain open for those who need it to continue with their coursework; please stay posted for further details about the possibility of access. Closed labs and shops include: Costume Shop (FACB22 and BDH144); Scenic Shop (FAC120, FAC21, FAC20); and Computer Lab BDH125. Closed studios: FAC28, FAC122, FAC131, FAC132, FAC133, FAC231, FAC233, FACB29; Gisolo Theater (BDH132),BDH190, BDH192, SDH239, SDH250; APMA spaces; Lyceum Theater; Galvin Playhouse. Also not accessible are spaces and labs located in Sun Studios. Film Program students, please see specific announcements from Assistant Director Jason Scott and from Film Program faculty about other critical matters regarding access to space and equipment. We have also cancelled all of our events across the School of Film, Dance and Theatre scheduled for March and April until further notice. We will update you as the situation evolves. We know there are many questions with the necessary disruption in our normal work routines and the sudden shift in how we keep connection as a community under the given urgent circumstances. We have an amazing and dedicated team of staff and faculty here to support you. Below is a list of our contacts, so you may reach out as needed with your questions, concerns and issues. Please also feel free to contact us via email. We are here to help and support.

This is a moment that calls on us to be agile, visionary, creative, hopeful, steadfast, optimistic and, most importantly, connected. Those under 20 or so, who have grown up in a digital age, where digital community building is organic, have much to share with those of us who came into a digital age as adults. I still remember the first email I ever received and how amazing it was to imagine learning and community building through that digital platform. I also remember growing up poor in California in the 1970s and how we survived hard times through quick pivots to work differently; I also remember how we thrived through the sharing of story, which remains the most powerful conduit of learning, social connection, and community building that I know. I urge us to keep our minds and hearts open as well as our communications. Please do not hesitate to reach out as you need.

Here is information about how you may connect with the leaders in your school:

Administrative Contacts

Director: Tiffany Lopez,, 480-965-9547
Assistant to the Director: Chalysse Standifird,, 480-965-9547
Associate Director: Karen Schupp,, 480-965-7697
Business Operations: Cindy Noldy,, 480-727-7607

General Questions

Facilities Access: Patti Jones,, 480-965-5497
Social Media, News, Press: Danielle Munoz,, 480-965-4262
Production Manager: Carolyn Koch,, 480-965-5199

Student Related Questions

Film Program, Assistant Director: Jason Scott,, 480-884-0056
Dance Program, Assistant Director: Keith Thompson,, 480-727-5548
Theatre Program, Assistant Director: Connie Furr,, 480-965-5050
Undergraduate Student Concerns: Melissa Dickman,, 480-965-3381
Graduate Student Concerns:
Rachel Bowditch,, 480-965-7844
Jeanette Beck,, 480-965-0148

Student Worker Concerns:

Cindy Noldy,, 480-727-7607