Have questions on how ASU webspark can work for you? Or are you a current user of ASU webspark? Please check out for further information.


Step 1: Turn on the Webform module by going to Modules and then typing "webform" in the search box.  This will pull up the Webform module on the page.  Check the box next to it and click Save Configuration.

Step 2: Site administrators can also add custom contact forms to their site.  To add a custom form go to Content -> Add Content -> Webform.  This creates a page where your form will be displayed.

Step 3: Give the page a title and some descriptive text.

Step 4: Now to add fields to the form click on Webform at the top of the page (next to Edit).  Here you can add the desired webform fields.  

Step 5: For more information on creating custom WebForms see and