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The MFA in dance enriches students' creative and embodied practices through an integrated curriculum, connecting intuitive, kinesthetic and intellectual experiences.

The School of Film, Dance and Theatre seeks individuals who are self-motivated, have clear and demonstrated objectives, and are willing to explore new possibilities in the field of dance. This program also recognizes and encourages individual strengths and professional experience. The School of Film, Dance and Theatre welcomes a diversity of applicants with interest in:


  • dance and art making
  • dance technologies
  • improvisation and real-time composing
  • performance
  • socially-engaged and community arts practices
  • sound design
  • transdisciplinarity and hybridity

Framing and Contextualizing:

  • dance and related histories
  • dance anthropology and ethnography
  • dance pedagogy
  • educational and professional partnerships
  • movement analysis and critical inquiry
  • musical methods
  • performance and cultural studies
  • philosophy of dance


  • contemporary ballet
  • Latin dance practices
  • postmodern contemporary dance
  • somatic practices
  • urban arts practices

Program offered

Dance, MFA

Offered by
Herberger Institute for Design & the Arts


Plan of study

The Plan of study is the required curriculum to complete the program.

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Application Requirements

Interview required.
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Program requirements

Incoming students take coursework in dance and related fields that have been designed to provide a broad and fundamental preparation for future careers in:

  • arts administration
  • arts presenting
  • community partnerships
  • cross-cultural and ethnographic research
  • independent creative practices
  • multimedia and technology
  • preK-20 private and public sector education
  • professional performance companies
  • social work and public programs
  • wellness and health care

The Master of Fine Arts applied project in dance serves as the culminating experience in the graduate dance curriculum. Students have the opportunity to select the format and structure of their project in conjunction with their Master of Fine Arts committee. The applied project takes into consideration the future goals of the student and serves as a bridge to careers beyond graduate school.

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