Christopher Danowski



Christopher Danowski is  a media/performance artist based in Phoenix, Arizona. He has written over eighty texts for performance works, and has presented work in living rooms,  galleries, and unusual spaces (sometimes in theaters) in Phoenix, Brooklyn, M�rida, Dublin, Berlin and Krak�w. He was artistic director of Theater in My Basement from 1999-2013, and now serves as a founding member of Howl Theatre Project. His book of writings, Dogs Ear is forthcoming this spring from Four Chambers Press. He has been teaching performance, theatre, and art in university settings since 2003. In June, 2017, he completed his doctorate from Plymouth University in the U.K. in Art and Media, linking together Afro-Cuban ritual techniques for spirit possession and method acting as transcultural performance methodology.

Research Interests

Transcultural performance; experimental live art; body art; multi-media performance; Latin American Performance; Afro-Cuban studies


Fall 2017
Course Number Course Title
THF 220 Principles/Dramatic Analysis
THE 320 History of the Theatre I
Spring 2016
Course Number Course Title
THP 428 Theatre and the Future
Fall 2015
Course Number Course Title
THE 440 Experimental Theatre & Perform
Fall 2014
Course Number Course Title
THE 440 Experimental Theatre & Perform
Spring 2013
Course Number Course Title
IAP 102 Found I: Perf Tech & Comp
ART 443 Intermedia Performance
ART 543 Intermedia Performance
Fall 2012
Course Number Course Title
IAP 101 Art, Artist, and Culture
IAP 375 Contemporary Performance
THE 440 Experimental Theatre & Perform